Is This Seat Taken?

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This is a classic and one of my favorite hustle stories for the fact that my brother took the lead on this one to my surprise.  Me and my brother are boarding our connecting flight from Charlotte, NC to Las Vegas, NV.  We’ve been looking forward to this trip for the last 2 months, and we’re already in the Vegas mindset of gambling and riches, and just ready to get there.

As the airline starts boarding the first passengers, I make a last minute trip to the restroom before my group is called.  Of course my brother gets in line and boards the plane before I do.  I end up being about 5 minutes behind him do to the full flight of people trying to board at the same time.  By the time I finally make it through the doors of the plane, my brother has already taken his seat.  Now keep in mind that we booked this flight in advance and also reserved specific seats for our trip.

As I slowly move down the isle of the plane, I’m looking ahead to find out exactly how far back our seats were.  I’m finally able to see our row, and notice that the passenger who’s also in our row has taken his seat between me and my brothers.  I like the isle seats and my brother prefers the windows.  I notice that the lucky soul that gets to sit between us is a clean cut young man that looked to be in his early twenties.  As I make eye contact with my brother, he gives me a look that I’m really familiar with.  It’s the look saying that we’ve got a fish on the line.

I also notice that this young man and my brother are feverishly scoping out every person standing in my line that’s still waiting to get to their own seats.  Now I think I know what’s going on.  I go into acting mode and start looking around like I’m trying to find my isle.  I make quick eye contact with our fish, then immediately look to the rows past our seats to give the impression that my seat is still further back.  I keep this charade up all the way until I get even with our row.  Just as it looks like I’m going to pass this row, I swoop down and take my seat.

Both my brother and our fish make the same noise that you hear when you watch a big play during a big game.  Of course my brother’s was that of delight and the fish felt the opposite.  Soon after sitting down I see the fish hand my brother a $20 bill and say ” here you go “.  I played dumb and asked what all the hooting and hollering was about.  My brother proceeds to tell me that they bet on which passenger in line would be the person that sits in my seat.  Of course I’ve already figured this out, but went along with it anyway.

Shortly after the plane takes off, my brother must have felt guilty and told the fish that we were brothers and gave him his money back.  Upset that he did that, I then proceed to make other prop bets with the fish to get the money back in our hands.  Having gambled most of my life, I’ve got a slick bunch of prop bets to work with.  By the end of the flight, not only did I get that initial $20 back, but made another $200 on top of that.

I could tell that our fish was young and green, but because he also was headed to Vegas, I knew how to get his nose open.  As we left the plane and headed to baggage claim, he made it clear that he enjoyed the entire flight even though he lost money.  He thanked us for the eye opening experience, said that he would never forget this flight.  He was also looking forward to using the hustles that he learned to make money on his own.

This is just what we wanted to hear, and now we both have another amazing gambling story to tell others.  I hope you enjoyed this story just as I loved telling it.  In the future I might allow readers to submit their own stories as well.  In the meantime, If you’re looking for a place to make bets online, check out our Top 3 Sports Betting Sites For Bitcoin. 

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