Bitcoin Casinos – The Best Of The Best When It Comes To Top Rated Online Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin Dice And ChipsWith Bitcoin becoming the most popular and most widely used crypto-currency in the world, it’s only natural that more online retailers are offering their customers the choice of conducting their transactions with Bitcoin as well as the typical forms of payment like credit cards and PayPal.  With this new currency comes a new wave of online shopper, retailer, and even gambler.  Online gambling has always been big business, and now that digital currencies are growing in popularity, online casinos are making sure to extend their services to this massive new group of customers as well.

Our Top Rated Bitcoin Casinos

With so many new casinos popping up all over the web and targeting the Bitcoin players, there can be a lot of confusion and guesswork for the newcomers as to which casinos are better than the rest.  We continue to review upcoming casinos and will only recommend those that we feel are the most reputable, safest, and that provide the Bitcoin gambler with the best experience possible.  As feedback comes in, our list may change if we find new sites that give us the ” warm and fuzzy ” and that we feel makes the cut.  Below is our list of Top Rated Bitcoin Casinos at the moment.  Feel free to check out each of their reviews and decide for yourself.

Bitcoin Site
150% up to $4500
100% up to $1000
200% up to $5000
600% up to $6000

What is a Bitcoin Casino?

Basically a Bitcoin Casino is any casino that allows a player to deposit and withdrawal funds from their site via Bitcoin.  Since Bitcoin is a currency, and online casinos accept currency of most forms, they would certainly entertain those gamblers looking to put their Bitcoin into action as well.  As of now, Bitcoin casinos can be distinguished by 1 of 2 descriptions, either ” Bitcoin Friendly ” or ” Bitcoin Only “.  I will go over each of these below.

What is a Bitcoin Friendly Casino?

A ” Bitcoin Friendly ” casino is basically any online casino that offers its players the opportunity to make deposits and withdrawal their winnings by Bitcoin in addition to the numerous other methods offered by the specific casino.  Most of the larger and most popular online casinos like Bovada and BetOnline have been accepting Bitcoin now for a couple years, and are aggressively pursuing the Bitcoin gambler with huge welcome and deposit bonuses for only those using Bitcoin.   At ” Bitcoin Friendly ” casinos you will find all the same games that you like to play in your favorite brick and mortar casino, like blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Slots and more.  These casinos are still providing you with all your favorite games to gamble on, their just giving you an additional option on which currency you’d like to use in doing so, unlike the ” Bitcoin Only ” casinos.


  • Accepts Bitcoin for Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Larger than ” Bitcoin Only ” casinos
  • Most Reputable brands world wide
  • Offer all the most popular casino games
  • History of being Safe and Reliable

Bitcoin Only Casino

Unlike Bitcoin Friendly casinos, ” Bitcoin Only ” casinos offer only one method for making deposits and withdrawals from their sites.  And you guessed it, it’s by Bitcoin and Bitcoin only, hence the title.  Just because these casinos only accept one currency for transactions doesn’t necessarily mean that they are inferior to the others.  Many of them still offer a variety of all your favorite table games like Blackjack and Roulette, but they specialize in their selection of slots including 3D slots with amazing storylines and graphics.  There are several advantages that these ” Bitcoin Only ” casinos bring to the table, so to speak, so I’ll go over a few of the major ones below.


  • Only accepts Bitcoin for Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Offers ” Provably Fair ” game selection
  • Lower House Edge over players
  • Lower Overhead costs mean Minimal transaction fees  ( if any )
  • Super Fast Bitcoin Payout speed

What is Provably Fair Gaming?

Provably-Fair-gamblingProvably fair is the term given to a technology tool that that enables a player of online Bitcoin casino games to verify the outcome of a particular roll or game to ensure that he or she is not getting cheated by the casino based on the odds of the game.  This tool is very important and attractive to gamblers that are skeptical about the legitimacy and fairness of their favorite casino games when playing online.  This functionality can only be used when gambling with Bitcoin on a site that offers ” Provably Fair ” gaming and for those that don’t want to 100% rely on the discretion of Random Number Generators, or RNG’s that most casinos use.  This is just another benefit that Bitcoin is providing us with, and another reason why Bitcoin and gambling make a great couple.

Most Popular Games to Play with Bitcoin

Blackjack:  The most popular table game for over 40 years.  Simple to learn and fun to play. Learn blackjack fundamentals, tips, and strategies, as well as the best places to play online : TOP 5 Best Bitcoin Blackjack Sites

Craps:  The loudest and fastest casino game by far!  This is the popular dice game that you will find in your favorite casino both live and online.  This IS NOT referring to the dice game that’s offered in some bitcoin only online sites.  That’s a totally different game altogether.  Quickly learn everything you need to know about how to win at craps and the best places to play online here:  Top 5 List of Bitcoin Craps Sites Online

Poker:  Everybody loves to play cards, and with the advent of Bitcoin poker, now even those that dabble in the crypto-currency space can sit down at a poker table and testy their skills.

Why Everybody Wins with Bitcoin Casinos

green thumbs upEverybody knows that gambling is really big business.  Whether you drive to your favorite land based casino or simply log in to your favorite online site, gamblers looking to make wagers will find the best places to do so.  With access to the internet being so much more convenient than getting dressed and possibly driving several hours to the nearest casino, the online version of casinos is growing in popularity.  The same can be true when talking about money.  Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are taking the world by storm, and online merchants including casinos are taking notice of this trend.  There are several major reasons why choosing Bitcoin casinos is a smart choice for online gamblers, and below is just some of the positives for both the players and the casinos when it comes to Bitcoin and gambling.

It’s Good For The Players

  • Bitcoin allows online gamblers with a super fast method for depositing and withdrawing from the casino sites
  • Casinos offer special Deposit and Welcome bonuses strictly for Bitcoin users
  • Bitcoin transactions are anonymous for the discerning gambler
  • No 3rd party intermediaries with Bitcoin transactions
  • Lower transaction fees with Bitcoin as opposed to traditional payment methods like credit cards, etc…
  • Better odds on their favorite games with the ” Provably Fair ” technology
  • Access to both ” Bitcoin Friendly ” & ” Bitcoin Only ” casinos
  • Players get to take advantage of fluctuating exchange rates

It’s Good For The Casinos

  • Lower overhead costs due to lower transaction fees with Bitcoin than traditional methods
  • Doesn’t need the House edge to be as high to cover transaction fees
  • Attracts a whole new niche of players that have transitioned over to the digital currency world
  • Larger player base translates into more business
  • More business allows for better promotions and player incentives
  • Fast payouts by Bitcoin makes winning players happy
  • Happy players makes for great advertising

Legality of Bitcoin and GamblingBitcoin Image 2

The laws and rules of gambling haven’t changed with the advent of casinos accepting Bitcoin.  Either it’s still legal or still illegal depending on your jurisdiction.  Bitcoin is just another method allowed by the casinos to fund your account, therefore not changing any of the laws already in place.  Remember that every online casino has its own rules and conditions for using their site, and I highly recommend looking over that information just to familiarize yourself with what you are getting involved with.  Because Bitcoin is viewed as a commodity as opposed to money in some jurisdictions, that may open up some countries to allow use of Bitcoin to gamble and get around currency laws there.  U.S. players now have access to more online gambling sites due to the regulations concerning Bitcoin and its anonymity and use as a digital currency.  I’m not a lawyer, so when in doubt, check it out!  There’s plenty of resources online providing a more in-depth look at the legalities of Bitcoin and gambling, but as far as I can see, it’s going to be hard for anybody or country to stop the train that is Bitcoin for online transactions.

For more information on what Bitcoin is and how it works, please check out our Bitcoin Learning Center.

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