Bitcoin And Gambling – Everything You Need To Know About Gambling With Bitcoins

Welcome to, your one stop shop for all things Bitcoin and gambling related.  Online gambling has been a popular form of entertainment since the late 1990’s.  And with the advent of Crypto-Currencies such as Bitcoin and the benefits they offer the gambling community, the entire industry is starting to explode.

Bitcoin Dice And ChipsDigital currencies such as Bitcoin allows for smooth, fast, secure and anonymous transactions that partner great with online gambling.  It’s exactly what the industry needed to scale since players won’t have to deal with credit card declines or waiting weeks for a payout to arrive via check.  Nowadays it’s all done seamlessly via Bitcoin and other Crypto-Currencies.

Our job at is to provide beginners, novice, and experts in the crypto-currency space with all the necessary information on how and where to gamble with your bitcoin. Our site will walk you through the simple process of choosing the safest and most reputable bitcoin friendly gambling sites through our Bitcoin Gambling Reviews, to reviewing the many “provably fair” game options for the bitcoin gambler.

Top 10 Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Top Rated IconBecause digital currencies like bitcoin are rapidly becoming the “ go to” currency for all transactions online, it only makes sense that this safe and reliable currency is an excellent choice for those who like to bet sports online, play slots online, play poker online, play dice online, bet fantasy and e-sports online as well.  Many of the biggest and most reputable online casinos and sportsbooks are now catering to this new wave of gambler and is offering great incentives to players using Bitcoin and other digital currencies.  Below we have listed the top 10 Bitcoin gambling sites that we feel are the safest and most reputable sites to play at.

Bitcoin Site
150% up to $4500
100% up to $1000
200% up to $5000
600% up to $6000

Benefits of Gambling with Bitcoin

Because bitcoin is a “ peer to peer” crypto-currency, there’s no third party intermediaries such as banks and credit card companies getting in the way of your transactions. You simply deposit your bitcoin directly onto the online casino or sportsbook from your personal bitcoin wallet, or BTC wallet, and away you go. You can also cash out your winnings in bitcoin form directly back to your wallet which makes it a very convenient form of exchanging money or currency.

Another benefit of gambling with bitcoin is that your currency is completely mobile, so as long as you have an internet connection, you can buy, sell, deposit, and withdrawal your funds wherever and whenever you need it. Winners can receive their rewards instantly after they win with bitcoin as opposed to waiting several days or weeks for fiat currency based transactions. I don’t know about you, but I want to feel like a winner and collect my winnings when I win and not have to wait for who knows how long to get paid.

Probably the greatest benefits of gambling with bitcoin would have to be the anonymity of it. In other words, all bitcoin transactions are anonymous and discreet. Bitcoin transaction are just like cash transactions in that there is never any personal identity associated with it. This allows gamblers to deposit, wager, and withdrawal their winnings from any online bitcoin casino or bitcoin sportsbook without ever having to identify themselves, or worry about these transactions ever being traced back to them. Just that benefit itself is worth its weight in gold, or nowadays, in crypto-currency.

How Bitcoin is Changing Online Gambling

With every day that passes, Bitcoin is changing online gambling as we know it. From its ease of use to its speedy transaction times and anonymity , digital currencies such as bitcoin are becoming the optimal choice for those looking to gamble and make bets online. And because bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are not subject to taxation and fees, Bitcoin friendly casinos along with bitcoin friendly sportsbooks are creating huge incentives for bitcoin gamblers to bet on their sites.

Before bitcoin, all online casinos and sportsbooks had to pay transaction fees to third parties for handling deposits and withdrawals made by credit cards, bank transfers, checks, etc…, and because of this, they had to lower the winning odds of their games to compensate for these fees. That doesn’t seem fair or legal to me, but that’s what the house had to do to keep their edge over the player. Bitcoin friendly casinos don’t have that extra financial issue to deal with, so they can pass the savings on to the player so to speak. Casinos that provide bitcoin gambling are offering “ provably fair “ games that have not lowered the winning odds for their players. Because there’s more winners with “ provably fair “ games that have better winning odds, the sites offering these bitcoin games attract more players, and more players means more business for the sites, and therefore everybody wins!

What Can I Bet On With Bitcoin?

With bitcoin you can bet on anything that you would in any other online casino or sportsbook. If you like picking teams or betting spreads, then fire away in the bitcoin friendly sportsbooks. If you’re more of a traditional casino man, there’s bitcoin slots, bitcoin dice games, bitcoin roulette, bitcoin pai gow, bitcoin blackjack, bitcoin video poker, bitcoin baccarat, bitcoin lottery and many more. There’s also a whole sea of games that are soley designed around and unique to bitcoins only. If you’re an aspiring poker pro or just a recreational player, there’s bitcoin poker sites that accept bitcoin for deposits. And for you e-sports junkies, there’s even bitcoin e-sports games where you can match up and test your skills versus other players for real money. The real question should be “ what can’t I bet on with bitcoin?”

Choosing The Right Bitcoin Casino or Sportsbook – Why Reputation Matters

There’s several factors to consider when choosing a site to gamble with your bitcoin or other digital currency. Ask yourself a question like; will I be mostly betting sports or do I prefer traditional casino games? If all you’ll be doing is betting on sports, then obviously you would need to make deposits on a reputable online sportsbook that accepts bitcoins. If you’re more like me, someone who likes to wander a casino and try my luck at a variety of fun and different games, then a reputable and bitcoin friendly casino is where you need to be. If you like to dabble in both, you should choose a site that offers the best of both worlds.

It’s very important to check out the reviews for each potential sportsbook or casino before making your choice. Make sure that the bitcoin friendly casino offers the “ provably fair “ games that I mentioned above. This will allow you to win more and have an overall better experiences with online bitcoin gambling. A lot of the bitcoin casinos and bitcoin sportsbooks offer nice deposit bonuses that you can take advantage of as well. These bonuses can add a lot of value for a new player and might help in your overall decision on which bitcoin casino to try out. You’re also not locked in to making deposits and trying out only one casino or sportsbook. It may take trying out a couple different sites before you find the one that fits your style and gives you the “ warm and fuzzy”.

Now that you have a better understanding of how bitcoin and gambling go together quite nicely, get out there and win that cheddar!