Bitcoin Publicity – Making Waves Or Just Making Noise?

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There’s no doubt that Bitcoin and all things crypto are becoming more and more publicized as every new day passes.  The question is whether or not all this publicity is helping or hurting Bitcoin.  To determine this answer, we first need to see which camps are making all the noise, and break down there take on the subject.

Pro Bitcoin Camp

The Pro Bitcoin Camp is comprised of numerous interest groups and they all want Bitcoin to flourish for their own agendas.  Some of these groups include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital Techies – This group includes all those techies out there that are always looking for and trying to implement the next best ideas in the digital and online world.
  • Investors – This group has an obvious agenda.  They plan on taking advantage of the newly forming frenzy to be a part of the next big boom and make some serious money in the process.
  • Sovereigns – These people are always looking for ways to distance themselves from the control and regulations of the ever growing influence of governments and the  ” powers that be ” that are grabbing more and more control over constituents worldwide.
  • Online Commerce Community – Since the world wide web is starting to be the center of the universe, online retailers and service providers need to keep evolving if they are to stand out and succeed in the already over crowded online marketplace.  As digital currencies gain popularity and faith, these marketers are in full support for anything that will make their business more efficient and more money.
  • Gamblers This is a special group and one that’s near and dear to my heart.  As I wrote in my article titled ” Bitcoin Breaks Into The Online Gambling Scene! “, this digital currency offers up lots of positives for those looking to play poker, bet on sports at an online Bitcoin Friendly Sportsbook , or even play a couple hands of Blackjack at their favorite Bitcoin Casino.  Gamblers love the fact that Bitcoin offers anonymity, quick and smooth transactions with less fees than traditional methods, and that it’s ” peer to peer ” , or not involving 3rd party intermediaries like banks and other financial regulators.

Bitcoin Adversaries Camp

Basically, everybody else that’s not listed above will fit into this camp of those trying to derail Bitcoin’s monumental rise.  This group is desperately trying to down play, slander, and criticize the digital currency movement for several main reasons.  Some of these reasons include: Fear of not understanding it, not being able to tax and regulate it, and giving a certain amount of control back to each individual.

  • Governments – A no brainer here!  They are not happy with allowing business, or more precisely, money, to trade hands without them being able to regulate and tax it.  Giving control back to the people is not what they’re all about.  And with the anonymity that Bitcoin provides, they lose vast amounts of Intel and data on that can be traced.  The governments main business is to be in your business, and crypto-currencies act as a cloak of invisibility for the individual.
  • Banksters – If these crooks can’t make boatloads of money of off something, it’s virtually no good to them.  Banks are left out in the cold when ” peer to peer ” transactions take place, and this means that they can’t skim their share off the top anymore.  Banks are heftily paid to control the flow of money, and digital currency hinders that agenda, so they fight to crush it by any means possible.
  • Un-Educated – Now I’m not referring to those that didn’t graduate high school or college, but those that have never heard about or become familiar with the whole digital currency movement.  Simply put, these people are afraid of change, and of that which they do not understand, that’s all.  These are not bad people, just not yet adverse to the speeding train of Bitcoin momentum.

The Wrap Up

Now that we’ve had a chance to learn who’s making all the noise, and why, we can start to form an intelligent answer to the title question .  In my opinion, Bitcoin is definitely making waves, not just noise.  The noise seems to be coming from those that are trying to derail the digital currency train.  The good news that’s making headlines seems to be based on technology and facts, while the negatives seem to be based on fear and the act of missing out on something this grand.

I’ve always said that ” Publicity, whether good or bad, is still publicity! “

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