Bovada Casino Review – #1 Bitcoin Friendly Site For U.S. Players

Bovada at a glance

Bovada is one of the largest, most trusted, and reliable online casino’s in the market today. Bovado was derived from the very famous Bodog platform that serves the industry worldwide. With nearly 20 years in the online gambling space, Bovada continues to grow its brand by leaps and bounds, especially in the North American market and receives nearly 10x the visitors as the next biggest online casino site. That’s impressive and says a lot about their platform.

Bovada Casino

150% up to $4500

Bovada Casino

Bovada is our #1 rated bitcoin friendly casino for U.S. players Fast and secure Bitcoin payouts. Enjoy ALL your favorite casino games.


  • Special Bitcoin Deposit Bonuses
  • Extremely Trusted and Reputable Brand
  • USA Friendly


  • Credit Card Fees on the Higher side
  • Bovada Only Accepts USA Players

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Bovada Security and Software

Security is paramount when it comes to online gambling, and Bovada has a proven track record of being about as safe for online gamblers as their can possibly be. With over 3 million visitors a month, Bovada has to continually monitor and improve their customers security protocols to ensure that all their visitors spend less time worrying about safety issues and spend more time enjoying all the great casino games that they came here to play in the first place. One of the ways that Bovada ensures the safety of their players is through a 128 bit SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) encrypted connection. This is the same encryption method that most major banks use to protect their clients as well, and is almost impenetrable. Also, all player information is stored on secure servers and are continually tested for safety and license compliance. As an avid gambler myself, peace of mind goes a long way when real money is on the line, and Bovada definitely gives me the “ warm and fuzzy “ feeling that I’m looking for in an online casino.

Bovada Table Game Options

Bovada spreads just about as many different table games as you would find walking into any “ brick and mortar “ casino in a city near you. From classic Blackjack to several variations of “21” that are sure to keep you enthused. Of course they offer several other classic card games like 3 Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Let it Ride, Baccarat, 3 Card Rummy and many more. For those of you that prefer dice games, they offer classic Craps in addition to several variations of the Craps games. For all you Roulette enthusiasts , Bovada offers Classic Roulette, American Roulette and European Roulette depending on which game type you’re most familiar with.

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Bovada Slots Optionscaesars empire slot image

With slots being one of the most popular methods of online gambling, Bovada provides one of the most extensive selections of slots to be found anywhere. Literally hundreds of different slot games can be found and played at Bovada. From classic 3 reel games to multi-line jackpot games, there’s something for everyone when it comes to slot selection. Whether bells and 7’s are your thing, or you prefer living storylines that place you deep into the world of your favorite super heroes, cartoon characters, fantasy villains, popular game shows, or your favorite TV personalities, there’s surely a slot game that will take you there! Many of you fortune seekers like to play slots that offer progressive jackpots and will payout huge winnings should the reels cooperate just right. Well you’re in luck with Bovada, as they offer numerous slots with very large jackpot bonuses just waiting for you to hit them. In conclusion, If online slots is your thing, Bovada is your casino!

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Video Poker

Video Poker is known around the world by most professional gamblers as the game to play that has the best odds for the player to win. This is because the player is making the decisions as opposed to allowing the computer to do it for him. Those players that know the odds for hitting straights, flushes, etc…, will know which cards are best to hold and which are best to discard to make the strongest poker hand available with the cards they are dealt. These video poker games also offer huge bonuses for the premium hands, so knowing how to play poker will give the player a huge edge in this game. Bovada offers many different video poker games from traditional poker to games that have wild cards such as “ Deuces wild”, Double bonus poker, Double jackpot poker, and more. Video poker is a great way for the casual gambler to get comfortable playing and navigating through online casinos.

Specialty Gamesbingo image

Bovada offers several different specialty games for those of you that prefer lottery style gaming. Examples of these games would be like Bingo, Lottery, and Sudoku box games. Basically in these games, the player will pick several numbers just like in picking lottery numbers. The more of the numbers that they match correctly to the winning numbers selected by the computer, the more the player wins. Of course there’s slight variations of each of these games that Bovada offers, so make sure to read the game rules to know what exactly the objective is for each different game type. These specialty games takes less strategy than some of the skill games like blackjack, but can reward the players with huge payoffs if things go correctly!

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Deposit Methods for Bovada

Bovada makes it easy for new and existing players to deposit and withdrawal funds from their casino. There’s several methods to use and I will go over each of them below:

Bitcoin: In 2016 Bovada starting accepting Bitcoin as a method for depositing funds onto their site. This is an awesome , convenient, fast and cheapest way to make deposits and start enjoying all the casino games right away. The first thing you will need is a Bitcoin wallet, or BTC wallet. For those of you that already have and dabble in bitcoin, you probably already have a bitcoin wallet. For those that need to create a bitcoin wallet, please check out my Bitcoin Wallet page to gain an understanding of the different types of bitcoin wallets and read the reviews on the most reliable and trusted wallets for beginning, novice, and expert bitcoin users. Once you’ve set up the wallet that works best for you, you can make deposits to bitcoin friendly casinos such as Bovada, shop online at thousands of online retailers, and transfer money around with complete anonymity. Depositing with Bitcoin also has the smallest fees associated with it due to its decentralization and security features.

Credit Card: Bovada accepts deposits made by credit cards like MasterCard and Visa. This is the easiest way to deposit funds. You might need to check with your credit card company to see if overseas transactions have been blocked for your card, but in most cases they work with no problems. If your main credit card gets denied for some reason, then you can use a pre-paid Visa card. You can purchase these at most drug stores and gas stations. Simply purchase the card and use it to make the deposit. You can always speak with Bovada Cashier support staff to see which cards are working best before purchasing the pre-paid card. Keep in mind that with credit card deposits, there will be a small fee, usually around 5% for using such a method.

Money Transfer: Bovada accepts deposits by money transfers such as Western Union that has 1000’s of retailers nationwide. After you set up your account, the Bovada support staff will give you a name and code to send the transfer to. Once there’s a verification of the transaction number, your funds will bedeposited and available for you to start winning. There will also be fees associated with depositing by transfer, so be sure to know what they are before using this method.

Withdrawal Methods for Bovada

There are several ways to cash out your winnings from Bovada casino. The most common way to receive your winnings is by

Bitcoin: Bovada offers transaction free withdrawals from their casinos for bitcoin users. This is a very nice way to keep all your winnings. In addition to no fees, you can gain immediate access to your winnings by choosing this withdrawal method. When you finish gambling you can simply withdrawal your winnings right back into your bitcoin wallet for instant access to your new funds. With its anonymity and security features, bitcoin is rapidly becoming the digital currency of choice for online gamblers worldwide.

Paper Check: This option is very reliable but not always the fastest of methods. You’ll have to wait for the casino to process and write the check, then wait on it being mailed from overseas, then finally wait for your bank to clear. This whole process could take several weeks but is super reliable and usually the best option for U.S. players.

Money Transfer: This method provided by companies like Western Union, is a super fast way to receive your winnings. This process will usually take less than 3 days and you can pick up your winnings anywhere you can send / receive money transfers. The transfer will come from an individual working on the casinos behalf and they will provide you with all the details. This is also a great choice for U.S. players.

Deposit Bonuses

Bovada is widely known for its generous deposit bonuses for those looking to gamble on their sites. From 1 time player bonuses to very attractive bonuses for Bitcoin depositors like 150% up to $1500, Bovada makes it easy to take advantage of amazing incentives for all online gamblers. Whether you play table games, slots, or poker, Bovada has the bonuses that you demand to get you rolling right away and ahead of the curve.

Conclusion2 thumbs up smiley 2

Pros: Bovada is among the largest, strongest and most trusted online casinos out there, especially among U.S. players. They offer many easy,safe and fast ways to deposit and withdrawal your winnings to and from their site. Their security provides their players with one of the safest online sites out there. They spread more different game options than most of their competitors, and offer great deposit bonuses to boot. Their customer support is second to none and are easily accessible The graphics for each of their games are great and appealing. Bovada offers super fast payouts with less headache and has some of the lowest amount of consumer complaints in the business. All in all, Bovada is in a class all by themselves.

Cons: There’s not many negatives with Bovada, but a few things come to mind. Firstly, I think that their credit card fees for depositing are a little steep, but some of the deposit bonuses that they offer can quickly absorb those costs. Bovada offers only 1 free withdrawal per month, so any cash outs after that come with a fee. If you’re like me and want fast access to my winnings after each session, these fees can add up. One way to avoid this is to just cash out once per month.

Now that you have an in-depth review of Bovada Casino, you should be ready to make an educated and well informed decision on whether or not to join millions of other players and make Bovada your “ go to” online casino. Good luck and run well!