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Online poker is already booming, and with new forms of digital currency making waves, it’s only fitting that these two giants are starting to work together.  Now in addition to having to make deposits to your favorite sites by traditional methods like credit cards, wire transfers and paper checks, these Top Rated sites are also accepting Bitcoin for both deposits and withdrawals.  This is quickly becoming the ” go to ” choice for online poker players worldwide.

Our Top Rated Bitcoin Friendly Poker Sites

With all the laws and new regulations out there concerning online poker, we’ve reviewed many poker sites and have put together a list of the very best when it comes to Reputation, Game Selections, Reliability and of course being Bitcoin Friendly.  All these sites that have made our list have been tried, tested, and deemed to be the best in the field of online poker, especially where U.S. players are concerned.

Bitcoin Site
100% up to $2500
100% up to $1000

Choosing the Right Poker Site

When choosing an online poker site to play on, make sure that you check out a couple of sites first to get a better grasp on what each site offers.  Make sure that the site is Reputable, Secure, Legitimate, and accepts players from your region.  I have personally played at many different sites but believe that the poker rooms I have recommended above are the best in all areas.

What is Bitcoin Poker?

Bitcoin Poker is just the term given to standard poker who’s players made their deposits using Bitcoin.  Everything you know about Texas Hold’em, PLO, Stud and more is exactly the same as you would find it in your local card room.  The only thing that is different is just the way your funds were deposited onto your favorite online poker site.  Once you make your deposit via Bitcoin or any other of your preferred methods, the funds will be converted into U.S. dollars, and your off to go join a table right away and begin playing.  It’s that simple.

Why should I Deposit With Bitcoin?Bitcoin Image 2

Digital currency like Bitcoin are becoming a very popular choice for all transactions online, especially in the gambling industry.  Whether it’s an online poker room, casino, or sporstbook, these sites are welcoming Bitcoin depositors with welcome arms for many reasons.

  • Instant access to your player funds – Players making deposits with Bitcoin enjoy super fast access to the player account funds, and can begin playing right away.
  • Generous Bitcoin Deposit Bonuses – Our Top Rated Poker sites are all offering players with large deposit and welcome bonuses for those choosing to deposit via Bitcoin.  These are worth taking advantage of!
  • Lower Transaction Fees – Deposits made by Bitcoin are directly from you to the site without 3rd party intermediaries like banks, so the transaction fees are very minimal ( if any ), allowing more of your deposit to used to play.
  • Anonymity – Bitcoin transactions don’t have any personal information connected to them.  This makes it nice for the discreet gambler

Online Poker vs Live Poker

There’s a couple of major differences between playing poker online and playing live, even though the rules of each game are the same.  Let’s take a look at some of the more obvious differences below:

  • Seeing Opponents – This is a no brainer!  When playing live you can look across the physical table and see who you are actually playing against, unlike online where you just see the players screen name and avatar if they have one.  I prefer to look my villain in the eyes when playing for a large pot.  Conversely, if you get nervous in public, playing online will allow you to sweat bullets without anyone noticing.
  • Game Selection – When playing live, you can only choose to sit at a game that the card room is spreading at that moment.  You may not be able to play the game of your choice due to lack of interest.  When playing online and because of the vastness of the internet, you will not only have a wider choice of game type to play, but the ability to choose specific tables within your game choice.  For example, your local card room may only have 1 No Limit Hold’em table running, so your options for different games or even different table limits are non existent.  Online will have multiple tables of your favorite game running, providing you with lots of options
  • Betting Limits – Due to the nature of less people playing in the local live game, you might not have many options on the which stakes you can play.  Online offers everything from micro-stakes ( like .05/.10 ) up to nosebleed stakes like $1000/$2000 and higher to choose from.  This is great for players looking to bet smaller or larger than their local room offers.
  • Playing Multiple Tables – Of course when playing live, you’re only able to physically sit and play 1 table at a time.  When playing online, you can sit and play at numerous tables at once.  Some of the top internet players can be playing around 20 tables at once.  This allows for players to see more hands in the same amount of time, good for maximizing your hourly win rate.
  • Better Promotions – Online players get to take advantage of great deposit bonuses ( especially for Bitcoin deposits ), and a vast array of large promotions and jackpots that live players are un-privy to, mainly due to the massive scale of people playing online.  There’s also more competition to attract new players by the online poker sites, so they offer great promotions trying to entice players to register at their site over their competitors.
  • Atmosphere – When playing live, you can breathe in the atmosphere and your surroundings.  You’re living, seeing, feeling the whole experience.  You see the other players, you feel the cards in your hands, you hear the ruffling of the chips, etc… .  The online atmosphere is quite the opposite.  You might hear whatever sound affects the program has created, and can get involved with chatting, but that’s about it.  It’s definitely two different feelings and vibes.
  • Convenience – On one hand, you need to get dressed and drive to your local card room ( if there’s even one nearby ), or you can simply roll over and turn on your desktop or laptop computer and get right into action.  There’s no doubt that the convenience of online Bitcoin poker sites are many, including the fact that you can play from the comfort of your own home, and while in your pajamas.

Poker Hand Rankingsroyal-flush

In order to win at poker, there are numerous things to learn.  One of the first things you must learn is the rankings of hands that you can get.  Knowing which hand beats other hands is critical and at the very foundation of poker.  To learn, or simply to refresh your memory as to the strength of each hand, you can visit my Poker Hand Rankings page for a complete and detailed list of hands.

Wrap Up2 thumbs up smiley

We all love the game of poker, and it’s meteoric rise in the mainstream is hard to miss.  With million dollar tournaments and cash games being played, everyone has a chance of cashing in on this boom.  Whether you’re a beginner, novice, or professional, there’s always a place to hone your skills online.  Whether you take advantage of Bitcoin poker or not, endless good times awaits for those willing to take a risk, do your homework, and put in the table time.

Let’s get out there and see what all the fuss is about!

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