New Bitcoin and Ethereum Trading Exchange Now Running

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BTCC, which is the oldest Bitcoin exchange in the world have launched the only crypto-currency to crypto-currency trading platform. The BTCC DAX, or DAX, will allow customers to trade and exchange their crypto-currencies like Bitcoin to other crypto-currencies like Ethereum and vise versa. Trading on this new platform is setto start today (June 27th).

BTCC is no stranger to operating digital currency exchanges, as they have been in the Bitcoin space for over 6 years now. This new platform is very user friendly and available for customers to use on desktop and all mobile devices, thus allowing traders to exchange on the go. DAX offers customers super secure cold storage for their funds and has 24/7 customer support staff on hand to answer any questions and deal with any issues.

DAX will be allowing the exchanges of numerous crypto-currencies in the future, but have elected to start with the pairing of Bitcoin and Ethereum, or BTC/ETC. This is the most logical pairing to start with as Both Bitcoin and Ethereum Classic are among the most popular and most widely held forms of crypto-currency on the market today.

Signing up for this new exchange is simple and fast, usually taking just a couple minutes. All you need to start is your name, email address and a user password. Another great benefit of trading crypto-currency on DAX is that there’s no fees for making deposits to your account. For withdrawals of your funds there’s a 0.001BTC fee for Bitcoin and a 0.01ETC for any Ethereum.

Just like any new idea or platform, it will take a little while to work out all the kinks and bugs in the system. This learning curve should be small since BTCC is the machine behind the machine, so we’ll just have to watch and wait for the user feedback to start piling in to keep this new technology moving in the right direction. Only time will tell!

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