Don’t Be A Cigarette Butt

This story takes place in the heart of the south, southern Mississippi that is, and it was an experience that I’ll never forget.  Now that I look back on it, I find that it was hilarious, brilliant, and a little bit cruel.  It was around July 97 when me and another buddy of mine went on a road trip to hustle some pool.  We were both in our late teens at this time.  We were definitely not top level sharks by any means, but we could beat better than average players pretty consistently.  This would also be the first of many road

Bitcoin Has Forked

Bitcoin Has Forked in 2 – What This Means For Bitcoin The event that the Bitcoin world has been talking about has finally taken place.  Bitcoin has forked, or essentially split into 2 factions.  The major players behind Bitcoin were unable to come to a solution by Tuesday morning that would have kept the crypto-currency a single and unified one.  Out of the dust comes the original Bitcoin, or BTC, and the new Bitcoin Cash, or BCC. For those of you that don’t know, Bitcoin has been around for nearly a decade but is just now starting to be recognized by

New Bitcoin and Ethereum Trading Exchange Now Running

BTCC, which is the oldest Bitcoin exchange in the world have launched the only crypto-currency to crypto-currency trading platform. The BTCC DAX, or DAX, will allow customers to trade and exchange their crypto-currencies like Bitcoin to other crypto-currencies like Ethereum and vise versa. Trading on this new platform is setto start today (June 27th). BTCC is no stranger to operating digital currency exchanges, as they have been in the Bitcoin space for over 6 years now. This new platform is very user friendly and available for customers to use on desktop and all mobile devices, thus allowing traders to exchange